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March 01 2014

February 08 2013

January 27 2012

January 18 2012


January 12 2012

[Video]88 life Devine Relaxed Condo Skyhomes
Copy & Modify

Move all your friends & family into this multi building complex! Be neighbors

The 88 Life " De'vine Relaxing Multi Condo Unit" inspired Condos for living space or multiple Shop setups for SL for those who want the spacious & beautiful but dont want all the prims that come with you may easily transform this piece into a special shopping area in the lobby or various shops on each floor, or copy each building to create a multiple condo unit community.

December 30 2011

November 17 2011

June 25 2011

April 16 2011

November 20 2010

June 18 2010

Reply to Win: Logo Design & Advertisement by CSDF

Lina_Monday posted a reply:

We have a Winner Congrats to Spring Claremont & Edu Consulting services. Thank You for everyone who participated!

Look out for the Winner's creative

June 13 2010

June 11 2010

Gorgeous & amazing

June 07 2010

Reply to Win: Logo Design & Advertisement by CSDF

Lina_Monday posted a reply:

Contest ends June 15th 2010!!!

Reply to Win: Logo Design & Advertisement by CSDF

Lina_Monday posted a reply:

8 Days Left to win!! :)

June 06 2010

June 01 2010

CSDF live screen share tutorials in SL

Lina_Monday posted a new topic:

CSDF live screen share tutorials in SL, like to apart of the action? We would love to have you aboard sign up now & let us know which programs you currently use: csdf.wufoo.com/forms/csdf-live-tutorials-in-sl/

May 28 2010

May 25 2010

CSDF Fan Us on FB!

Lina_Monday posted a new topic:

Like to keep up with us via FB as well www.facebook.com/pages/Creative-Solutions-Design-Firm/120...

Add us! for tutorials, show how to's & more!
Feel free to submit ideas for our upcoming tutorials what's something you have always wanted to know in the creative field?

May 22 2010

L ♥ V 3
by. Lina Monday

Creative Solutions Design Firm
Schedule an appointment with me anytime : slurl.com/secondlife/Ruby%20Cove/55/219/3479

or email me direct : linamonday@gmail.com
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